Art in Writing

Our February workshop has passed and it was quite a good one. Lloyd led the group through a series of exercises from basic poetry writing to haiku. Poetry is about focus and being able to let your thoughts, feelings, and emotions go onto a blank piece of paper. We make it real through the pen in our hands.

Some were introduced to freestyle rap. Although much of it has explicit lyrics, this form of spoken rap set to a beat is very popular and performers such as Eminem and Missy Elliot sometimes record special sessions featuring their talents. These can easily be found onĀ  a Google search as “freestyle rap battles”.

Poetry is thought in motion set to the beat of the pen. Lloyd said, “I find it rewarding to have helped those in attendance connect or reconnect with their inner poet.”

If you are interested in the next workshop scheduled for the AnARTists, remember that it is on the last Tuesday of each month.

Lastly, Lloyd’s site is There are poems and many opinion pieces. Constructive criticism or debate is allowed.

Thank you.

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