Jewelry Workshop with Bobby Foxx

May 24, 2016
Jewelry Workshop with Bobby Foxx

13178685_1706152386318833_4961811555607312806_nBobby Foxx is a Floridian jewelry designer. His work has been shown in many local fashion shows and editorials.  In 2015 he collaborated with Project Runway designer Gunnar Deathrage on his “Bird Lady” collection, which toured the US.  His love for the arts and all forms of expression have caused him to explore a variety of media, though metal working and jewelry design are by far his most beloved obsession.  His involvment in the Gainesville Art Community has helped many local artists find platforms for thier work.  To find out more about these platforms click here.

“When I start to make this jewelry I never really know what to expect.  I like to allow the natural materials speak for themselves, and usually they show me what form they wish to take.  My background is in art, and the jewerly is an extension of that.  The natural elements speak for themselves here.  My job is simply to translate.”

Bobby Foxx gave a fantastic demo presentation to the AnARTists on May 24, 2016.
Thank You Bobby!