Come together

It’s a new year and the AnARTists have been hard at work to make 2017 a good one. Our Board of Directors is working together to create activities and participate in events around town to better serve our members and foster relationships with community organizations who have similar goals to ours. We encourage all who have been a part of our fledgling group to spread the word by telling others about our group, liking us on Facebook, sharing posts, and checking out our website periodically.

Now that the holidays are over with and our stress levels have subsided, we can get to work. We’ll, if you can call making art work. Like any other medium, it’s a labor of love even though it is never really done. We do it to calm our minds and focus our attention. At AnARTists, we get together and share our love for creating something, even if it’s just a simple collaborative piece or making cards for people who are celebrating a birthday or accomplishment. We also support those who are not well and try to make their day better by showing that we care.

So, come join us in the new year and let’s get our art on.

Be well.

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  1. Theresa Foster

    Thanks for your input, Lloyd. I think you raise an interesting issue about “art” and “work.” Funny how it’s called “artwork,” right? For me, making meaningful art connects me to myself in a way nothing else does. So in that way it’s like “soul work.” It’s definitely an important part of self-care for me. I hope others will join us this year and share this intention. I value your posts. Best, Theresa


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