Envisioning 2017

What are your dreams, hopes, goals for this year? What do you want to accomplish?

Well, that is exactly what we created during our last workshop. Charissa and Lauren led us through making a vision collage board. Although they are supposed to be bigger and more sturdy, all we had construction paper. Sometimes we have to improvise at AnARTists.

Anyway, I can really only speak for myself, however from what I saw, everyone was intent and focused on their creations. I put a good bit of thought into mine. A fish because I want to do more fishing this year and the word drama with a no symbol around it. I think you guys can figure that one out.

Best I can figure, vision boards are a way to express outwardly what is inside of you. That way you can see it and, in that, it becomes more real. The quiet time just to sit and think about your future is a characteristic unique to humans. Critters can prepare for the future by storing food, making a dwelling for the winter, and the like. We have the ability to plan, to think past our current existence regardless of what might happen.

So, even if you were unable to get our January workshop, try seeing what you can do. You can pick up stickers and other things to decorate your board at the dollar store or craft shop. Or, you can pick from any art supplies you have lying around your place. Let’s put our advanced brains to work and make this year happen, AnARTists


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  1. Theresa Foster

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lloyd. I like what you said about vision boards. I, too, value vision boards and the way they make our intentions visible. Best, Theresa


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